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When you enter the Low Vision Clinic, you will be welcomed by the receptionist.  Their job is to  obtain the appropriate billing information from you.  You will then be introduced to our technician, who will ask you pertinent visual, medical and functional information for Dr. Amir. The technician will have you go through a series of tests, some of which you will be familiar with and some additional testing that you may not have previously had.  Of course at any time during these tests a technician will be there to answer your questions.   Once your needs and goals are determined from the information and tests the technician obtained, you will meet with Dr. Amir so she can decide what devices are appropriate for your level of vision.  Finally, you will work with a device technician to evaluate what devices will be most effective for your everyday use, such as reading  medicine bottles, newspapers, books, menus, price tags, sewing or watching television.  The Low Vision Clinic keeps up with the latest technology in low vision devices so that we can best serve you with everyday reading and computer use.  These devices are intended to be practical for each person, because each person is unique in their needs.  If there are certain hobbies or interests that you have, and your sight does not allow you to complete these tasks, we ask that you bring those items so we can understand how we best can help you.

San Antonio Low Vision Clinic 9577 Huebner Rd. Bldg. 4 San Antonio, Texas 78240
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